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Who We Are

Map of Michigan showing where COE serves

Our Mission: The Rogel Cancer Center, Department of Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) aims to reduce cancer disparities across the state of Michigan. Programs and services include public education, a community advisory board, and support for innovative research. The department implements evidence-based interventions in collaboration with local communities by applying community based participatory approaches.

Our diverse staff has a rich history working with underserved populations to reduce cancer related health disparities and improve the health and quality of life of all Michiganders.

Our team actively engages with community partners to assess their needs and facilitates the voice of the community in research design and implementation to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes.

We implement evidence-based interventions in collaboration with partner organizations serving disparate populations across our statewide catchment area.


Ken Resnicow, Ph.D.

Ken Resnicow, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Community Outreach, Engagement and Health Disparities


Elena Stoffel, MD

Elena Stoffel, M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Director



Diana Curtis

Diana Curtis, M.S.W.
Program Evaluation Specialist



Catricia Thomas

Catricia Thomas, B.S.
Administrative Specialist

Lawrence C. An, M.D.

Lawrence C. An, M.D.
Assistant Director



Noel Pingatore

Noel Pingatore, M.P.H.
Administrative Director



Madeline Gonzalez

Madeline Gonzalez, M.Ed.
Health Educator



Emma Volkert

Emma Volkert, M.P.H. Candidate
Public Health Communications Specialist



Contact us: email [email protected]