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Cancer Registry

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Michigan Medicine’s Rogel Cancer Center’s Cancer Registry began collecting data in 1995 and is the largest hospital-based cancer registry in the state of Michigan. Our registry collects, stores and manages data on patients with cancer and certain benign and borderline conditions diagnosed and/or treated at Michigan Medicine. Information collected includes a comprehensive summary of patient history, demographics, diagnosis, staging, treatment, and outcomes. Data is captured according to state and national standards and is utilized for data analysis and research. The Cancer Registry is committed to protecting and providing quality patient information to enhance the patient healthcare experience.

Our vision is to transform the healthcare experience through innovative management of health information.


2022 Top Treated Cancer Sites at Michigan Medicine

Primary Site



Melanoma (Skin)



Lung & Bronchus

Urinary Bladder











Contact the following Cancer Registry staff at 734-936-5470 or at their email listed below:

Stacey Meredith


Stacey Meredith
Cancer Registry Manager
[email protected]



Valerie Wasson


Valerie Wasson
Data Administrator
[email protected]

Laura Fitzpatrick


Laura Fitzpatrick
Analyst II
[email protected]


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