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Patient and Family Advisory Committee

Members of PFAC look at information on the internet

What is a Patient and Family Advisory Committee?

Established in 2011, the Rogel Cancer Center’s Patient and Family Advisory Committee (PFAC), partners patients and families with members of the health care team to provide guidance on how to improve the patient and family experience. Our committee is comprised of:

    Patients, families, clinicians, staff and administrators who serve as a voice for patients and family members. We work together to deliver the highest quality care possible for patients.

Our Mission:

To ensure the highest standards of family-centered care in adult cancer care areas of Michigan Medicine.

Opportunities for Patient and Family Advisory Committee Members

Opportunities can include, but are not limited to:

  • Develop patient and family education and communication materials.
  • Generate new program ideas to benefit patients, family members and caregivers.
  • Enhance ongoing collaboration and cooperation among clinicians, patients and families.
  • Participate in the development and planning of patient and family events.
  • Provide feedback on new facilities and facility renovation.
  • Promote awareness of opportunities and key resources that will help patients and family members navigate through the system.

Join Us in Sharing Your Patient and Family Voice

If you are a current or former patient or a family member of the cancer program at Michigan Medicine, please consider joining us to share your experiences.

Time commitment:

  • Monthly meeting for 2 hours one evening per month, except August and December. Could include additional responsibilities such as participation in hospital committee meetings, PFAC task group meetings, or research.
  • • Be available to begin your PFAC term in May or October when the committee holds new member meetings. (If you want to get involved sooner, you can still complete the application and possibly be accepted as an e-Advisor before joining the Rogel PFAC.)
  • E-Advisors are also needed. If you cannot make the time commitment to become a PFAC member, please consider being an E-Advisor. E-Advisors may: Review and comment on patient education materials and provide input on various topics through electronic surveys.

How to Join Us:

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updated 05.2022