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What We Do

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The Community Outreach and Engagement team is focused on reducing the cancer burden in Michigan. We utilize data driven strategies and community based participatory approaches to implement evidence-based interventions among a wide range of disparate populations across our statewide catchment area. Led by faculty experts and our community advisory board, we facilitate bi-directional research to advance science and build capacity among community partner organizations across Michigan.


Identify and Communicate the Cancer Burden Graphical representation of the aims listed on the left

  • Collect and analyze local, state, and national data.
  • Disseminate catchment area data to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Facilitate and expand collaborations through the community advisory board and partner organizations.

Implement Evidence-Based Interventions

  • Provide training, resources, and technical assistance to support interventions in collaboration with partner organizations.
  • Assess knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs among disparate populations to tailor evidence-based interventions as indicated.
  • Conduct public health campaigns and disseminate educational resources.

 Facilitate Bi-directional Research

  • Engage community organizations and members in research design and implementation.
  • Increase participation of diverse communities in cancer research.
  • Disseminate outcomes and impact of research to local community, state, and national stakeholders.