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Bladder Cancer Patient Education and Resources

Extensive Bladder Cancer Education and Support for You and Your Family

The University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center offers extensive education and support services before, during and after bladder cancer treatment. Most of these services are provided through our Patient & Family Support Services Program, and are fully integrated into each patient’s multidisciplinary treatment plan.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to decide on the best treatment plan based on your goals. We also want to ensure you and your family have the care support you need to recover and resume your normal activities.

University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center urological oncologist, Lindsey Herrel, M.D., discusses what people should know about bladder cancer.

Additional resources:

Read/download Bladder Cancer Awareness transcript.

The Cancer Wise podcast is part of the Michigan Medicine Podcast Network.

Nurse Navigators Guide Your Care

Rogel Cancer Center offers nurse navigators to help coordinate your bladder cancer treatment plan whenever surgery is involved.

Bladder cancer surgery, which often includes chemotherapy treatments before the procedure, can be time-consuming to schedule and understand. Your nurse navigator will help schedule all your pre-surgical evaluations, procedures, follow-ups and other appointments at times and locations that will be convenient for you. Learn more about this program on the Nurse Navigation page.

Educational and Informational Resources

We have numerous educational and informational resources, including details about support groups, to help answer your questions and prepare you and your family for the bladder cancer care journey.

Some of our treatment resources include:

You can find more information on our Cancer Education Program page.

Patient and Family Support

Patients and their families/caregiver can take advantage of our many resources to help understand every stage of the care journey with bladder cancer.

Navigating Complexities of Care

Receiving a cancer diagnosis – and the accompanying financial impact of that diagnosis and treatment – can be a major source of stress for the patient and their families.

At Rogel Cancer Center, we believe costs should never be a reason a patient does not follow or complete a treatment plan. Here are some resources that provide information on many common billing and administrative issues:

Information from National Organizations

For patients and families seeking national support groups for bladder cancer, here are some websites and other online support resources:

Ask a Question or Schedule an Appointment with the Bladder Cancer Clinic Today

Our Cancer AnswerLine™ is staffed by oncology nurses who can answer your questions or assist you in making an appointment. Please call 800-865-1125 to get the appointment process started, or for answers to your questions. Or, visit our Bladder Cancer Appointments page.