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Patient Navigation

What is Patient Navigation?

The healthcare system is complex and can be overwhelming under the best of circumstances. For patients facing a cancer diagnosis, it can seem impossible to manage. That's where patient navigation can be helpful. By providing this service, we help educate, support, and empower patients throughout their cancer journey. The patient navigator connects individuals to resources within Michigan Medicine and in the community.

What does the Patient Navigators do?

  • Serve as a single point of contact for patients and families
  • Assess patient barriers to care and help patients overcome barriers (e.g., transportation, childcare, financial counseling, lodging)
  • Advocate for patients and coach patients to advocate for themselves
  • Coordinate scheduling of appointments and procedures
  • Contact patients who are at risk for missing appointments
  • Discuss Advance Care Planning with patients and families
  • Arrange interpreter services for patients with language barriers
  • Direct patients and families to community resources and supportive services
  • Refer patients to Social Work and Complementary Therapies
  • Accompany patients to appointments
  • Inform the clinical team of patient beliefs, cultural norms, and goals relevant to their care
  • Maintain follow-up communications with patients in need of additional assistance

How do I Contact the Patient Navigator?

Speak to your cancer doctor if you would like this service. Your doctor can make a referral via page or In Basket message to assigned Patient Navigation.

Read more about this program and its impact on our patients:

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