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Clinical Trials

Volunteering for a clinical trial is a contribution to the future of medicine that only you can make.

Thanks to patients who volunteered for studies, we now have a range of treatments that can cure or delay the progression of cancer for many years. Unfortunately, though, these therapies have their limits: They don't work for everyone.

Clinical trials are critical because they allow doctors to develop the most safe and effective treatments using a methodical, scientifically sound approach. Patients benefit by gaining access to promising new therapies for cancer.

Our patients are partners in care and partners in discovery. As in everything we do at the U-M Rogel Cancer Center, the wellbeing of our patients and families always comes first.

A nationwide shortage of research volunteers is slowing progress in the fight against cancer. But you can help.

What is a clinical study -- and what does it mean to volunteer for one? Find out: Introduction to Clinical Trials

What studies are available for me? Search our database of open clinical studies

Call the Cancer AnswerLine at 800-865-1125 - they can answer your questions and/or help you find a trial