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Bladder Cancer Treatment

The University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center offers a wide array of treatment options for bladder cancer patients.

Whether it’s chemotherapy, radiation, minimally invasive surgery, open surgery or a combination of multiple therapies, our multidisciplinary care teams will design the right treatment course based on your personalized care needs

You can rest assured, our care does not stop after treatment. Being part of a large, integrated medical center means that you and your family receive continued support throughout every step of your care journey – through recovery and on to survivorship.

Broad Treatment Options for Bladder Cancer

Treatment for bladder cancer is based on the grade and the stage of the tumor. Treatments are often combined to ensure the removal of all the malignant (or cancerous) tissue. You and your physician will decide on the best treatment plan for you based on your individual care needs and goals. Treatments may include:

  • Bladder scraping
  • Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview®, which can also be used for diagnosis
  • Chemotherapy (either intravenous or injected into the bladder)
  • Radiation therapy
  • Surgery (either minimally invasive or open)

Innovators in Surgical Care

There are many surgical options for treating bladder cancer. While a cystectomy, or bladder removal, is a common possibility, the surgeons at Rogel Cancer Center help you explore many choices to maximize your quality of life and reach your care goals.

For instance, our expert surgeons perform over 200 cystectomies annually. This high volume means that our surgeons have great experience providing optimal care.

We also offer other minimally invasive surgeries and urinary diversion procedures when the bladder needs to be removed. Our surgeons are highly skilled and experienced in bladder replacement surgery, called neobladder, and other procedures designed to minimize the functional impact of bladder removal.

Our multidisciplinary approach to care enables us to coordinate surgeries, chemotherapy prior to surgery, and other appointments through your nurse navigator. Patients can expect this highly personalized level of care from Rogel Cancer Center.

Bladder Cancer Clinical Trial Opportunities

The Rogel Cancer Center’s dedication to research and discovery means our patients may have the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial for newly developed surgical or medical treatments. Our physicians and other scientists typically have multiple clinical trials occurring simultaneously. As a result, we have extensive experience finding the right trial for each patient.

Ask a Question or Schedule an Appointment with the Bladder Cancer Clinic Today

Our Cancer AnswerLine™ is staffed by oncology nurses who can answer your questions or assist you in making an appointment. Please call 800-865-1125 to get the appointment process started, or for answers to your questions. Or, visit our Bladder Cancer Appointments page.

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