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Spring, 2023

Cover Story

How Genetic Testing Impacted the Whole Family

When Cathleen Argyle learned she had breast cancer, she and her mother -- also a breast cancer survivor -- decided to undergo genetic testing. The results of Cathleen's test were positive: she had a mutation that increased her risk for cancer. But, the mutation didn't come from her mother. It came from her father.

Fall, 2022

Cover Story

Living with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Scott Ward learned it had spread and was stage 4, advanced cancer. He shares how this devastating news impacted how he views life and how he's worked to create a legacy for his son.

Spring, 2022

Cover Story

Using science and faith to live with adrenal cancer

Adrenal cancer is diagnosed in one in every million people — and studies to test new treatments for it are just as rare. As the first patient in one of the few clinical trials for the disease, Tina Reuben hopes her participation will advance the field.

Fall, 2021

Cover Story

A Colon Cancer Survivor's Journey

Jennifer Watson’s cancer journey illustrates the importance of advocating for your health and partnering with a care team you trust. By embracing her love of exercise, she used it to help her through colon cancer treatment and proved she was unstoppable.

Summer, 2021

Cover Story

How the Pandemic Shaped One Man’s Cancer Journey

In 25 years, Chris Cauley had never taken two weeks off of work, but in March, 2020 Cauley learned he had a squamous cell carcinoma, a common form of throat cancer. As health services were shutting down because of COVID-19, he had to learn how to be a patient.

Spring, 2020

Cover Story

Survivors and support

Megan Heeringa, 24, and Natalie Cameron, also 24 are both survivors of acute myelogenous leukemia and bone marrow transplant recipients. In addition, they both live with chronic graft-vs.-host disease as a result of their transplants. They became friends after being diagnosed their senior year of high school and are a source of support for each other ever since their parents met at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center.

Fall, 2019

Cover Story

Balancing Cancer Treatment with Life

Logan Moore discovered a lump while nursing her 7-month-old son. It was a devastating shock to her and her family. Throughout her treatment, Moore and her husband, Brandon, focus on making her cancer and its treatment a part of their lives while keeping their family at the center.

Spring, 2019

Cover Story

Guided imagery helps one patient find her footing during treatment

Sheron Williams was trying to cope with her breast cancer diagnosis and an inflammatory disease called sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is a chronic illness that impacts her liver, lungs, skin and requires portable oxygen. The stress of both of these issues sent her looking for help -- and she found it when she began using guided imagery.

Fall, 2018

Cover Story

Trying Treatment

Harry Robins, now 71, got the shock of his life in July 2014 when he learned about the surgery he needed to treat the squamous cell tongue cancer that showed signs of spreading. The surgery was way more invasive than he expected, involved removing a third of his tongue and required months of intensive rehabilitation to recover. He and his wife believe they made it through this trying time only with the help of the care team.

Spring, 2018

Cover Story

Lights Camera Action

William McCallum is living with stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer. This diagnosis is not easy to live with. Most days McCallum feels well enough that he doesn't think much about having cancer. After deciding to put his faith in his doctors, he aims not to worry. Acting in films for Rebel Pictures -- with his son, Michael -- has been both a welcome distraction and a creative outlet.