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Fall, 2008

In earlier decades, radiation to the chest could carry deadly cardiovascular risks. Newer treatment methods, however, are putting the odds in patients' favor. We talked with Lori Pierce, M.D., University of Michigan professor of radiation oncology, about the latest developments.

Guided imagery has been shown to lower blood pressure, decrease stress hormones, help with chronic pain, enhance sleep, lessen side effects, boost the immune system and improve surgical recovery. Our guided imagery therapist has created podcasts so you can try this at home.

Our patients come to the cancer center for treatment from across the state -- and the country. Here are 10 tips for finding comfort when visiting Ann Arbor for treatment

As our society becomes more and more connected through television and social media, those in the public eye are less able -- and less likely -- to keep their struggles with cancer private. This is actually a good thing because it raises awareness not only about cancer but also about living with it -- and through -- treatment.

The Patient Education Resource Center is now lending iPods, and they come with something better than instruction manuals: the iPod Squad. Knoff, a University of Michigan pre-med student, is a member of that squad. She walks the halls of University Hospital's cancer units, handing out iPods and teaching borrowers to use them.

As the days get shorter and the air grows crisp, we start to crave those fall classics: apples and pumpkins. Long gone are the last hot days of summer -- the ones when we're too tired to do much more than sink into a pile of berries or slurp up the juice of a soft tomato. Cool air refreshes and leaves us aching for something more toothsome.