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Spring, 2007

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Working Through It

About 40 percent of the 1 million Americans diagnosed each year with cancer are of working age, according to Breakaway from Cancer, a joint initiative of the Wellness Community, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship and the pharmaceutical company Amgen. Recently, Breakaway from Cancer conducted a survey of 1,000 patients and caregivers about the impact of cancer on their work. Slightly more than two-thirds of respondents reported that their jobs helped them maintain emotional stability.

Summer, 2007

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From Patient to Participant

When Teresa Singh was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 1996, her oncologist recommended the standard course of treatment: a combination of chemotherapy and radiation. But in researching her disease, Singh learned the likelihood of her cancer returning within 18 months was high. And if a recurrence was treated successfully, it was still likely to come back yet again. Standard treatment just didn't seem like the right choice for Singh, so she started looking for other options.

Fall, 2007

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A Reason to Celebrate

For many patients who are in treatment during the holidays, this time can be difficult. We've got some tips and suggestions to help. Most importantly, focus on what you have in this moment on this day. Focus on what you have to appreciate and who is in your life.

Spring, 2008

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Life, Interrupted

Facing cancer in the prime of youth. Valeria Delekta, Toni Spano-English and Jason Zao all experienced a cancer diagnosis at a time when their expectations were to go out and get their lives started. Valerie had just begun to work as an elementary music teacher -- and relocated to Atlanta. For Toni, cancer took a serious toll on her relationships, leaving her feeling isolated. All Jason wanted to do was graduate from high school with honors and then go on to do the same at the university of his choosing. His brain tumor forced a few adjustments to his plans.

Summer, 2008

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Mind-Body Connection

The Fosters are one of many families who have discovered that healing therapy goes beyond what's available in the infusion area or the operating room. The conventional treatment plan developed by a health-care team is the first line of attack in fighting cancer. But for many, complementary therapies serve as reinforcements.

Fall, 2008

Cover Story

How celebrity images impact our view of cancer

As our society becomes more and more connected through television and social media, those in the public eye are less able -- and less likely -- to keep their struggles with cancer private. This is actually a good thing because it raises awareness not only about cancer but also about living with it -- and through -- treatment.

Winter, 2008

Cover Story

Learning to Choose

When Louis Spino learned he had pancreatic cancer, his doctor told him he needed to find a place that treated many such cases. This led him to seek opinions from several comprehensive cancer centers across the country. In this article, he shares his process and offers tips that may be helpful to others.

Spring, 2009

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On the Other Side of Cancer

Cancer is something to fight, something to conquer. But what happens when it's gone? What does it leave behind? How does it alter a life? And, perhaps the most unsettling question: Will it come back Survivors talk about the challenges of life after cancer

Summer, 2009

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Take a Mental Vacation

Cancer care comes with a lot of downtime and a lot of time to think. That's why we've put together a grand tour of our favorite ways to give your mind a mini vacation from the worries that come with cancer.

Fall, 2009

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Most Wanted Supplements

The best bet for cancer prevention is a healthy diet. Nevertheless, we know many of our patients have questions about supplements. Here's the lowdown on 10 commonly linked to cancer prevention.