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Fall, 2009

Heard about social media, but still not clear on what it is-or why you should get involved? Social media describes a way of communicating. Essentially, social media Web sites like Facebook offer tools to have an online conversation with friends, family and businesses.

All of the videos created for the U-M Rogel Cancer Center are available on the Michigan Medicine YouTube channel; as well as throughout the website.

The best bet for cancer prevention is a healthy diet. Nevertheless, we know many of our patients have questions about supplements. Here's the lowdown on 10 commonly linked to cancer prevention.

Cancer Center dietitians answer questions about soy -- when it's safe and when it's unsafe to add to the diet. Some studies have shown that young, prepubescent girls may benefit from eating soy to prevent breast cancer later in life, eating soy may actually promote breast cancer risk in some older, post-menopausal women

The hope beads are helpful in getting kids to talk about their emotions. They help kids regain a sense of control. They also give them a tangible representation of what they've been through. Often, kids take their hope beads to school to show friends. This program is now offered through C.S. Mott Children's Hospital.

For Lisa Bourdon-Krause, curing head and neck cancer was only part of the challenge. Her cancer impacted her tongue and removing it (and the cancer) would make it impossible for her to talk. As a mother with young children, she needed more -- and doctors at the cancer center decided to do their best to save her ability to speak.
Some cancer patients and their families struggle to pay the bills during cancer treatment. This article offers tips and suggestions on what to do and where to find help.