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You’re Stronger Than You Realize

And other words of hope and advice from patients who have been diagnosed with or treated for advanced cancer at Rogel

Illustration of rainbow colored people smiling and high fiving
Illustrator: Donald Morris

“If you think things are going to go right, you’re probably right. If you think things are going to go wrong, you’re probably right.” -John Schaeffer

“You can be sad. You can go there. But you can’t stay there. Try to set your intention to get through the day and be as present as you can be.” -Heather Jose

“If you can, find a purpose - something to do that occupies your time and your mind so you're not always concentrating on the cancer.” -Diane Detter

“If there’s an experience you want to have, go for it. Try not to put things off. Do what you can to not let cancer be your whole life.” -Darlene Nichols

“Sometimes, when I feel alone in the whole situation, I’ll go to YouTube and watch some of the meditations by [music therapist] Claire Casselman and [art therapist] Sandra Drabant, and that makes me feel a lot better.” -Maggie Smallwood

“We all know what that isolation of a cancer diagnosis feels like. Hearing other people’s stories and the dimensions that happen on their paths can make you feel less alone and remain positive.” -Wendy Passer

“A positive attitude is at least as important as everything that’s thrown at you during treatment.” -Scott Ward

“You’re stronger than you ever realized, without a doubt.” -Theresa Gougeon

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