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Eight Ways to Take Care of Yourself and Your Cancer

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Nutrition plays a pivotal role during treatment and recovery of cancer but maintaining a healthy diet can be a challenge. Here are eight ways to take care of yourself and your cancer.

    1. Try to have small, frequent and easy-to-eat meals and snacks throughout the day such as yogurt with fruit or banana with nuts/nut butter.

    2. If meats are difficult to eat or don't taste good, try chopped or ground meats mixed with a sauce in a casserole, stew or pot pie.

    3. If you don't have an appetite, make mealtime more enjoyable. Sit down with family or friends or eat while watching your favorite TV show.

    4. Include fruits and juices with your meals. These are usually easy to eat and may perk up your taste for other foods.

    5. Don't hesitate to accept when friends and family offer to help with shopping and meal preparation.

    6. Breakfast is the best meal of the day for many people during treatment. Try oatmeal cooked with milk, sliced almonds and berries or top a toaster waffle with yogurt and fruit.

    7. If you are physically able, try to be more active.

    8. If using commercially prepared liquid nutritional supplements, try adding frozen fruit, ice cream or flavorings to liven it up.

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