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Cancer Nutrition Services

Helping patients prepare for treatment, manage side effects and symptoms. Call 734-539-5006.

The registered dietitians at the U-M Rogel Cancer Center are specially trained in the field of oncology nutrition. They focus on assessing the individual dietary and nutrition needs of each patient and providing practical, scientifically sound assistance, such as:

Meet with a Dietitian

Consultation with a member of the Nutrition Services team is offered to all U-M Rogel Cancer Center patients. Dietitians offer services to both adult and pediatric patients and family members. Our nutritionists work with individuals to develop food strategies, not strict, hard-to-follow meal plans. The nutrition staff understands that food can become an ally in the fight against cancer. By helping patients understand the latest scientific research about nutrition and giving personalized written guidelines, our dietitians work to:

  • Prevent or correct nutritional deficiencies
  • Minimize the side effects of treatment
  • Enhance quality of life during treatment
  • Improve ability to tolerate treatment
  • Help achieve and maintain optimal body weight
  • Incorporate healthy nutrition habits into daily living
  • Evaluate the risks and benefits of nutrition into a comprehensive plan to minimize risk of recurrence following treatment
  • Educate family members about special nutrition needs

Learn more or arrange an appointment by calling 734-539-5006.

Watch our Cancer and Nutrition Videos

The U-M Rogel Cancer Center's registered dietitians have developed information on oral nutritional supplements, nutrition for cancer fatigue, obesity and cancer risk, eating to maintain weight during cancer treatment and plant-based food diets and cancer.