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Spring, 2014

This June 1 marks the Rogel Cancer Center’s 20th annual Cancer Survivors' Celebration at the Morris Lawrence Building at Washtenaw Community College. Survivorship means different things to different people. Whether you view it as life after you are diagnosed with cancer, life after you are cancer-free or life after a loved one is diagnosed, all are welcome at the Survivors' Celebration.
When other hospitals run out of treatment options, experts in the U-M tumor boards are searching for solutions. Here is just one example of how a tumor board reached beyond "standard care" to offer hope to two brothers.
Rogel Cancer Center experts meet to discuss patient cases and come up with innovative treatment options that could save lives. The U-M experts who are in attendance discuss each patient's health situation.
Photographs capture moments in meaningful ways. Thanks to a new Complementary Therapies Program, patients and their family members can have portraits taken at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center.
The Patient and Family Advisory Committee is made up of family members, health care providers and members of the community. The committee meets regularly to discuss their experiences of what it's like to be treated for cancer.
Rogel Cancer Center pharmacists educate each oral chemotherapy patient about the drugs, how they work and the best ways to prepare for anticancer therapy at home. Once patients obtain their oral medication, they have a very important role in their care.
Nutrition plays a pivotal role during treatment and recovery of cancer but maintaining a healthy diet can be a challenge. Here are eight ways to take care of yourself and your cancer.
Body image can play a major role in cancer treatment and should be addressed as early as possible. For Sherry Hanson, a single mom of a 3-year-old, she was completely unprepared for the changes in her body's appearance. With the help of the U-M Rogel Cancer Center's PsychOncology Program, Sherry adjusted to her body's changes and is now at ease with herself.