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Preparing Foods With Antioxidants

Here's some simple and easy ways to add food high in antioxidants into meals!

    Make pumpkin pudding for dessert, using canned pumpkin and condensed milk.

    When buying lettuce, choose the head with the darkest green or red leaves, and add carrots, spinach and orange slices to your salads.

    Put together a juicy, sweet fruit salad with cantaloupe, peaches and strawberries - fresh or frozen.

    Sprinkle wheat germ or chopped nuts on low-fat yogurt or add them to pancake or bread recipes and to grain dishes.

    Gently steam broccoli and red pepper slices along with onions and mushrooms. Serve with low-fat or nonfat dressing.

    Saut kale and other antioxidant-rich vegetable in a moderate amount of margarine, spices/herbs and garlic.

    Serve your pasta dishes smothered with tomato sauce. Add onions, garlic, red pepper and beans when cooking your sauce for added nutrients and great taste.

    Snack on dried fruit, especially apricots and peaches. Better yet, mix dried fruit pieces with nuts and seeds.

    When making soup, throw in greens such as kale, collard and spinach. Add plenty of carrots and parsley as well.

    Treat yourself to shrimp or scallops served in a light yogurt-dill sauce or a zesty tomato sauce.

    Order extra broccoli and peppers on your pizza. Add tomato juice to your stews.

    Include tomato slices and dark lettuce leaves in your sandwiches.

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