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Cell and Tissue Imaging

Cell and Tissue Imaging Excellence

Service Highlights

  • New Location & Service
    Med Sci II location offers Nikon N-SIM Super-Resolution and X1 Yokogawa Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy
  • Provides custom image analysis, comprehensive sample preparation for electron microscopy, tissue clearing, and expansion microscopy
  • Super-resolution (STED) offers superior imaging of samples
  • Complete sample processing for transmission and scanning electron microscopy (TEM and SEM)
  • Training on all instruments for proper operation while unassisted by CTI staff
  • Rogel Cancer Center members receive free consultative expertise & a 50% discount on labor and instrument use.
    (up to $1,500 per investigator per year)

The Cell and Tissue Imaging Shared Resource at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center uses the Microscopy and Image Analysis Laboratory (MIL), a centralized operation including more than 3,000 square feet focusing mainly on studies of cell and tissue morphology and ultrastructure. As part of the Office of Research in the University of Michigan Medical School, we provide a fee-for-service-based operation - open to researchers from all departments within the university, other institutions and also the industrial research community.

MiCores Provides Convenient Online Ordering

The Microscopy and Image Analysis Laboratory uses a robust online system from iLabSolutions, called MiCores, to streamline the process of ordering and billing for core service requests. This enables anyone to use this core management system to reserve time on any instrument or login to use any instrument. To learn more and/or to set up a MiCores account, please visit the MiCores website.

If you have questions about cell and tissue imaging services through the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center’s Shared Resources or need to request assistance, please contact our team:

Or view the Microscopy and Image Analysis Laboratory website.