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Immune Monitoring

Immune Monitoring Shared Resource Supports University Research Efforts

Service Highlights

  • New Technologies:
    • CyToF mass cytometry for efficient detection of immune cell subsets
    • In situ (Mantra) quantification and analysis of immune cells
  • Assays include:
    • ELISA for a large array of analytes
    • ELISPOT to monitor cytokine production from rare cellular constituents
    • Multiplex (Luminex) bead-based assays
  • No-cost consultation services
  • Exclusive access for Rogel Cancer Center members:
    • Blood and tissue sample processing
    • Tissue culture for bulk cytokine determination
    • Short-term sample storage for endpoint monitoring

The Immune Monitoring Shared Resource team provides immunologic and biological support for ongoing research projects and clinical trials at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center and the biomedical community at the University of Michigan.

Our services include measuring multiple cytokines in a single assay, determining cytokine concentrations in various biological specimens and monitoring immune cell activation through investigative analytic procedures, including:

  • Luminex cytokine assays
  • Large and small scale ELISA assays
  • ELISPOT assays

Sample Processing Expertise

Blood and tissue samples, including both plasma or serum and peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC), from University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center members are accepted for processing and temporary storage. Our team performs the following services:

  • Ficoll separation and storage of plasma and PBMC
  • Isolation and storage of plasma or serum (no PBMC)
  • Tumor processing to single cell suspension
  • Processing and storage of apheresis product

If you have questions about immune monitoring services through the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center or need assistance with research efforts, please contact our team:

Or visit our Cancer Center Immunology Core website.