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Health Communications

Service Highlights

  • Offers support from a multi-disciplinary team of:
    • Behavioral and communication scientists
    • Designers
    • Technology developers
  • No-cost consultation study design
  • Manuscript and grant preparation/execution
  • Prototype design and development
  • Deployment of research investigation
  • Maintenance and dissemination of evidence-based health communications programs

For more information about the Health Communications Shared Resource at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center, contact our team leadership:

Or visit our Center for Health Communications Research website.

Health Communications Collaboration with Tailored Interventions

The Health Communications Shared Resource at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center provides communications services for research studies requiring targeted and tailored interventions that inform health decisions. Our dedicated team helps research investigators across a range of services, including:

  • Optimizing trial recruitment
  • Adherence to protocols
  • Behavioral interventions for investigators conducting:
    • Cancer prevention
    • Cancer control
    • Cancer care delivery research

We first assess individual characteristics relevant to a behavior and then use algorithms that consider the assessment data to generate messages relevant to the specific needs of each user. Through this methodical approach, our team is able to provide individual feedback that delivers these messages to each user in a clear format.

Nationally Acclaimed Expertise of Interdisciplinary Team

The Health Communications Shared Resource supports researchers through the following aims:

  • Recommending communications and technological components to help investigators recruit and retain participants
  • Designing, developing, deploying and maintaining high-quality print, mobile device, web-based or other communication channels and strategies