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Experimental Irradiation

Comprehensive Services for Experimental Irradiation

Service Highlights

  • Provides centralized and cost-effective access to highly specialized irradiation resources
  • Free consultation with expert staff (each with multiple publications in Radiation Biology)
  • Whole body irradiation of small animals
  • Targeted radiation of in-vivo tumors
  • Irradiation of cultured cells
    • Low dose rate
    • Micro-irradiation
    • High-intensity x-ray
  • Rogel Cancer Center Members receive a 25% discount on orthovoltage use

The skilled Experimental Irradiation Shared Resource team at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center provides extensive irradiation services to support research studies. We provide expert experimental irradiation for a range of investigators, including those whose primary interests are not in radiation biology, but who need this tool in support of other efforts, such as the immunosuppression of animals prior to stem cell transplantation through total body irradiation.

With safe and efficient sample exposure, our facility is equipped to perform moderate dose rate gamma irradiation (0.1-4 Gy/min) of cell cultures, tissue specimens or animals as well as low dose rate irradiation (0.05-0.3 Gy/hr) of cell cultures.

Irradiation Core Services Support Cancer Research

Additional specific goals of the Experimental Irradiation Shared Resource include:

  • Support studies in the radiation biology of moderate dose rate irradiation of cell cultures and small animals, such as mice, rats and rabbits
  • Permit the study of low dose rate irradiation in cell culture
  • Facilitate study of the cellular responses to DNA damage using laser microirradiation as a tool

If you have questions or require more information about experimental irradiation services through Shared Resources at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center, please contact our team:

Or view the Experimental Irradiation Shared Resources.