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Pleasures from the Farm

Explore farmers' markets for healthy, delicious eating

Pints of raspberries are stacked and stained with juice. The tomatoes are ripe and red -- but also orange and yellow and purple. And the scent of peaches -- heavy and soft -- can be detected two feet away.

The farmers' market makes it easy to eat well in the summertime. Fruits and vegetables are at their most delicious peaks. And grocery shopping feels more like an adventure than a chore. During the past few years, farmers' markets have multiplied across the state of Michigan.

Apples:  mid-August to late October Blueberries: mid-August to mid-September Cauliflower:  August to October
Currants:  August - September Beans:  early-August to mid-September Broccoli: mid-July to mid-October
Cherries:  July to August Eggplant:  August Beets:  Mid-August to Mid-October
Cabbage: mid-August to late-October Corn:  Late-July to Mid-September Gooseberries:  August to September
Blackberries:  Mid-August to Late-September Carrots: Late-July to October Cucumbers:  Early August to Early October
Grapes:  September to October Greens:  June to October Peaches: mid-August to mid-September
Potatoes:  Mid-July to October Spinach:  June to October Lettuce:  mid-July to mid-September
Pears: September-October Pumpkins: October Summer Squash:  mid-July to mid-September
Nectarines: August to September Peppers: mid-August to mid-October Radishes:  June to October
Winter Squash:  Mid-September to Mid-October Onions:  Early July to Late-September Plums: August to September
Raspberries:  mid-July to October Tomatoes:  Early July to October

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Summer, 2010