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Support Services in All Shapes and Sizes

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Visit our Patient Support Services webpages or read patient experiences with them in Mind, Body and Side Effects.

"Because you never know when concerns will arise, we make our services available to any patient who has received treatment at the Rogel Cancer Center within the last two years."
~~Donna Murphy, L.M.S.W., director of the Patient Family Support Services Program and co-director of the PsychOncology Program

Every patient copes with cancer diagnosis and treatment differently. The Patient and Family Support Services Program meets all types of challenges. Patients can use our services and complementary therapies to take an active role in their treatment. This includes resources offered by the PsychOncology Clinic, Social Work and Spiritual Care staff. Additional creative therapies like art, music and guided imagery use tranquil activities to tap into the healing power of self-expression, which has been shown to lessen the emotional toll and side effects of cancer treatment.

"Our teams have worked with thousands of cancer patients and their care teams," says Murphy. "Although no two patients are alike, one thing we notice is that patients tend to tackle physical symptoms first. Struggling with emotional issues often comes later. We strive to meet each patient's priorities at the moment, whatever and whenever that might be.”

Patient and Family Support Services Program


What it is / How it Helps

How to Connect

Art TherapyArt classes provide an outlet for thoughts and feelings when words fail, to boost self-awareness and build positive coping skills. Helpful in pain management and stress reduction.Call 734-232-2215 to self-refer.
Guided ImageryOne-on-one sessions with a social worker to use the imagination for relaxation and healing. Helpful in reducing stress, anxiety and side effects like pain and nausea.Call 734-232-2215 to self-refer.
Families Facing Cancer ProgramCounseling and activities focused on helping patients' children understand and cope with cancer-related issues.Call 877-907-0859 to learn more.
Music TherapyVisits from a therapist who uses music to help express a full range of emotions. Helpful in reducing pain, managing stress and improving sleep.Call 734-232-2215 to self-refer.
Financial CounselorOne-on-one meetings to provide assistance with medical billing and insurance issues. Helpful in overcoming financial worries.Call 877-326-9155 Monday – Friday,
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
PsychOncology ClinicCounselors use tools like talk therapy, medication and education to help patients address depression and anxiety, which can disrupt mood, appetite, sleep or concentration.Ask your doctor for a referral for a clinic appointment.
Social WorkTrained professionals problem-solve and connect patients with resources to address practical issues causing distraction or concern.Call 734-232-2215 to self-refer.
Spiritual CareChaplains lend support to patients of any faith who are struggling with life's profound questions or need spiritual or religious connection.Call 734-232-2215 or ask staff to page the on-call chaplain.

Learn about Patient Support Services at the U-M Rogel Cancer Center:

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