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Better and Safer Cancer Care Through Technology

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A look at recent improvements to your electronic medical record

This summer marks another phase of MiChart, the electronic health record system being implemented throughout the Rogel Cancer Center and all of Michigan Medicine. Using technology to keep track of medical records is required by the United States government and is something that all health care providers, big and small, are working toward.

The last MiChart update we wrote about in Thrive was the public face of our new information system: We hope you've accessed our secure online portal that connects you to personalized health information. If not, it's worth checking out. You can:

  • Review and print medications, immunizations, allergies and other medical history
  • Receive test results and doctor opinions online
  • Send secure messages to your physician’s office
  • Request prescription renewal

June 7 marked the start of even more improvements. One of the big changes you'll see in the Rogel Cancer Center is Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA). There are "5 rights" a health care provider checks for before giving a patient medication:

    1. The right patient

    2. The right medication

    3. The right dosage

    4. The right route (how it is given)

    5. The right time

Now when you come to the Rogel Cancer Center for infusion, you'll see new scanning equipment that lets infusion providers scan a barcode on your patient wristband. This barcode contains your personal information and will confirm the details of the medication order. BCMA delivers enhanced levels of patient safety, as well as improves the quality and consistency of clinical documentation.

With BCMA, medication prep moves from a designated medication room to the patient's side, letting clinicians, patients and families play a collective role in ensuring medication safety. The barcode technology does the final check and decreases the possibility of errors. And, your medical record is automatically updated once your wristband is scanned.

The June implementation of MiChart also included new care and treatment functions for oncology patients. Your caregivers can share information electronically and improve the exchange of recommendations and research conducted by members of your care team.

MiChart signifies a major enhancement for patient care as part of the Michigan Medicine mission. Your oncology care team focuses on one patient -- you -- your medical record and your plan of care.

Be sure to check out Pharmacist's Corner on the back page of this issue for more MiChart improvements related to pharmacy.

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