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Meet Our Team

Getting the best health outcomes after gastrointestinal (GI) cancer often relies on expert cancer treatment. The GI specialists at the University of Michigan Health Rogel Cancer Center provide team-based strategies focused completely on your comfort and care.

Meet Our GI Cancer Team: Why Choose Rogel Cancer Center?

The specialists at Rogel Cancer Center use extra training and extensive experience to treat all GI cancers. Each of our subspecialists brings a high level of expertise to your diagnosis and treatment. Program highlights include:

  • Seamless care: Our multidisciplinary clinics and weekly tumor board meetings create dedicated pathways for our experts to work together. Specialists in all GI cancer types develop and coordinate your personalized treatment plan.
  • Expert treatment for complex cancers: Each of our team members specializes in GI cancers. This specialization means we tackle the most complex GI cancers with treatment options that offer hope.
  • Leading-edge research: Many of our team members lead and participate in GI cancer clinical trials. Eligible patients have access to the newest and most promising GI cancer treatments at Rogel Cancer Center.

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GI Cancer Specialists

The GI cancer specialists at Rogel Cancer Center work together — and with you — to create treatment plans for your specific needs. Together, we continually track your progress to help ensure the best possible health outcomes. The GI cancer team treats:

Each of our GI cancer specialists contributes to your care. Our team includes:

Advanced practice providers for GI cancer

Advanced practice providers (APP) play an important role in GI cancer care at Rogel Cancer Center. They help deliver cancer therapies, monitor treatment side effects and manage symptoms.

Cancer surgeons

Our expert cancer surgeons perform operations to remove cancer and manage symptoms. We operate on cancers that begin in the digestive system and on GI cancers that have spread (metastasized) to other organs.

Meet our colorectal cancer surgeons

Our colorectal surgeons use minimally invasive surgeries to remove colon tumors. Our colorectal cancer surgery team includes:

Meet our liver surgeons

Our liver surgeons treat cancer that begins in the liver (primary liver cancer) and has metastasized to the liver. Our liver cancer surgery team includes:


Gastroenterologists are experts in the gastrointestinal (digestive) organs and how they function. These specialists help diagnose symptoms of digestive cancers. Our gastroenterology team includes:

Genetic counselors

Some GI cancers begin due to changes (mutations) in genes. Cancer genetics involves identifying gene mutations in individuals and in members of the same family. Our genetic counselors talk with you about genetic testing and how genetic mutations might impact treatment. Our genetic counseling team includes:

GI cancer medical oncologists

Medical oncology specialists use powerful medications (systemic therapies) to treat GI cancers. Our medical oncology team includes:

GI cancer radiation oncologists

Radiation oncologists treat GI cancers with radiation therapies (high-energy x-rays) that destroy cancerous tissue. Our GI cancer radiation oncology team includes:

GI cancer pathologists

GI cancer pathologists examine gastrointestinal tissue samples (biopsies) under a microscope to identify cancer and see if it has spread. These experts play a critical role in accurate diagnosis of GI cancers.

Find GI Cancer Support Services

Patient navigators and social workers are also part of your GI cancer care team. GI cancer support services at Rogel Cancer Center includes resources for you and your loved ones during GI cancer treatment. We help you understand your options and make sure you have all the information you need.

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