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Emotional Aspects of Sperm Banking

Semen for cryopreservation is obtained by masturbation. The subject can be quite embarrassing or uncomfortable for many men. Some men may decide against sperm banking because of their discomfort with obtaining the sample. Our sexual practices are very personal, private parts of our lives. Typically, we don't talk about our sexuality, especially masturbation, with anyone, much less our medical team.

We would like to reassure you that the staff of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies Laboratory will treat you in a professional, courteous manner, at all times. We deal on a daily basis with infertility in both males and females and are quite comfortable discussing all aspects of sperm collection and banking. Our goal is to help you preserve your reproductive potential.

There is a private locked room located close to our laboratory that can be used to collect your specimen. You can be assured of complete privacy. We encourage you to bring any viewing materials that will help you obtain the specimen. The room is equipped with a VCR. Your partner may accompany you in the collection room.

Some men prefer to obtain their sample away from the medical center. If you decide to do this, we will provide you with an approved container. Commercially available condoms are coated with a spermicide that will damage and kill motile sperm. If you need to use a condom to collect your specimen, we will provide you with a laboratory approved model. Semen samples must be in the laboratory within one hour of collection. We can provide a list of hotel accommodations located near the medical center.

We would be happy to discuss any aspect of sperm banking with you, and help put your mind at ease.

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