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CAR T-Cell Therapy

At the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center, we’re using the power of your immune cells to fight cancer with CAR T-cell therapy

If you are an adult with relapsed large B-cell lymphomas or under age 25 with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) please talk with your oncologist or call the Cancer AnswerLine at 800-865-1125.

Physicians referring patients to the U-M Rogel Cancer Center for CAR T-cell therapy can contact M-LINE at 800-962-3555.


This procedure is generally covered by insurance. The University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center has resources in place to help you navigate this process.

Have a question or want more information about CAR T-cell therapy?

The nurses at the Cancer AnswerLine have answers. Call 800-865-1125 and you'll get a personal response from one of our registered nurses, who have years of experience in caring for people with cancer.

Dr. Monalisa Ghosh describes CAR T-cell therapy