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Brain Tumor

Glioblastoma Patient is Beating the Odds

Sixteen months ago, Kathy Bellmore was diagnosed with high-grade glioblastoma multiforme, an aggressive brain tumor with few good treatment options. Her tumor couldn't be operated on, so her doctors didn't think she would live beyond 6 months. She came to the U-M Rogel Cancer Center for a second opinion and is now beating the odds and continuing to make memories.

New Brain Cancer Research Could Improve Outcomes for those with Glioma

Researchers from the Rogel Cancer Center have found that a genetic mutation seen in about half of all brain tumors produces a response that prevents radiation treatment from working. Altering that response using FDA-approved drugs restores tumors’ sensitivity to radiation therapy, extending survival in mice.

Immunotherapy, Gene Therapy Combination Shows Promise Against Glioblastoma

New research out of the University of Michigan supports combining two approaches to fight back against gliomas: attacking the tumor with gene therapy while enhancing the immune system’s ability to fight it, too.