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Honoring the Memory of your Loved One

Watercolor by a Cancer Patient

Finding ways to hold the memory of your loved one close to you is important. The anniversary of the date your loved one died may be difficult for you and your family; other bereaved families have found comfort in planning for the day. Also consider using the suggestions below for times throughout the yearwhether its a birthday or just a day when you particularly miss the person you lost.

  • Visit the gravesite.
  • Burn a special candle to acknowledge your loved one's absence.
  • Create a place to remember. Decorate a shadow box or small chest with photos and drawings or use it as a place to keep written stories or mementos. Involve your children in making this special place.
  • Write a tribute to the person who died.
  • Plant a favorite perennial in your yard so that you can remember the person you lost each time it blooms.
  • Do something that you and your loved one enjoyed -- even mundane things like going for a walk or to a movie.
Do something that you and your loved one enjoyed.

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