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High Risk or Advanced Prostate Cancer

As many as 30,000 men die of prostate cancer each year in the United States. Men who have a high Gleason grade, high tumor stage and elevated PSA are at increased risk of suffering from their cancer.
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Historically, the prognosis for these men with 'high risk' disease, while variable, has been generally poor. We have created a unique clinic offering advanced cancer care, individual genetic analysis and precise treatment planning for men with high risk prostate cancer.

Multidisciplinary Clinic

While standard treatment options are appropriate for men with low or intermediate risk prostate cancer, we feel that the optimum treatment of men with high risk prostate cancer requires a comprehensive, team-based approach that employs individualized assessment of the molecular changes that define each patient's prostate cancer coupled with newer and better therapies.

The multidisciplinary team provides:

  • Same-day multi-disciplinary expert consensus recommendations on treatment
  • Free comprehensive genetic evaluation of each patient's prostate cancer to help guide treatment decisions now and in the future
  • Access to state of the art clinical trials
  • A single location for each sequence of treatment
  • Ongoing medical management during the entire course of treatment

The clinic combines individual genetic evaluation through a specialized gene sequencing process with a multidisciplinary team approach to develop your specific treatment plan. Specialists include urologic, radiation and medical oncologists, and the unique involvement of molecular pathologists for coordinated, customized medical management to optimize the probability of a long lasting cure.

What to expect

At your first appointment, you will meet with our team specialists, who have already reviewed your records. They will go over your evaluation and discuss treatment recommendations as well as answer your questions. Typically, treatment begins at a follow-up visit and may include:

Next Steps

The goal of the University of Michigan High Risk Prostate Cancer Clinic is to improve the outcomes of men with aggressive prostate cancer. Our mission is to focus treatment and discovery on those who need it most.

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and have:

  • Gleason score 8 or higher
  • PSA 20 or greater
  • Clinical stage T3 or higher, and/or lymph node involvement (N1), or
  • Two or more of the following: clinical T2b/c; Gleason score 7; PSA 10�20 ng/ml

Please call us to make an appointment at 734-647-8902; or if you are a referring physician, please call our M-LINE Service at 800-962-3555. For more information, visit our Appointments web page.

Still have questions?

The nurses at Cancer AnswerLine™ have answers. Call 800-865-1125 and you'll get a personal response from one of our registered nurses, who have years of experience in caring for people with cancer.

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