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Pluvicto could be an option for patients with metastatic prostate cancer in which other treatment options are no longer effective.

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Pluvicto treatment gives prostate cancer patient another chance

Don Reynolds, seated at right, and his family gather togetherAfter multiple rounds of treatments for his metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer, 69-year-old Donald Reynolds received the news that there were no more treatment options for him.

In a last attempt to find something that would work, one of Reynolds’ family members came across a dosimetry research study at University of Michigan Health for Pluvicto, a radioactive drug treatment for metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer.

Reynolds and his oncologist believed it was worth applying for the trial to see if the results could benefit him, and just two days after applying he received the call that he had been selected to participate. Continue reading about Donald Reynolds.

What is Pluvicto™?

Illustration showing how diagnostic or therapeutic radionuclide can target prostate cancer cells

Pluvicto™ is a type of treatment known as theranostics. What that means is it's composed of two parts. One emits a diagnostic radiation that permits imaging and comprehensive cancer staging, the other delivers a therapeutic radiation particle to treat cancer metastases.

When Pluvicto™ is injected into the veins of patients, it's drawn to all the sites of the prostate cancer metastasis at the same time, giving off the radiation which targets the disease. Pluvicto™ treatment is given as six cycles, and these are spaced out at six-week intervals.

Who can receive Pluvicto™?

Patients with metastatic prostate cancer undergo a gallium-68 PSMA PET scan to confirm expression of prostate specific membrane antigen, if present this means the patient is eligible for Pluvicto™ treatment.

Talk with your care provider to see if Pluvicto™ is appropriate for you or call 734-936-4500.

Where is Pluvicto™ available?

Pluvicto™ is offered at the Brighton Center for Specialty Care and University Hospital in Ann Arbor.

Learn more about theranostic treatments on our theranostics web page.

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