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Cancer Preparedness Podcasts

Being ready for a crisis helps improve the chances of successfully overcoming it. The following podcasts provide information from University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center physicians, staff and patients on what you need to know should you -- or someone you love -- be diagnosed with cancer.

The Cancer Aware podcast is part of the Michigan Medicine Podcast Network.

University of Michigan Health Rogel Cancer Center, surgical oncologist, Dr. Melissa Pilewskie, sits down and talks to us about surgical options for breast cancer. The focus being on helping women determine whether lumpectomy or mastectomy is appropriate for them and their type of breast cancer.

Read/download Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy podcast transcript.

Lynn Henry, M.D., Ph.D., disease lead of the Rogel Cancer Center’s Breast Cancer Program, discusses metastatic breast cancer. This is the process of breast cancer that has spread to another part of the body, including bones, liver, lung, and brain.

Read/download Metastatic Breast Cancer podcast transcript.

Dr. John Krauss, medical director of the multidisciplinary colorectal cancer clinic at the Rogel Cancer Center talks about how detection for colon and rectal cancer are similar while their treatment options can be different.

Read/download Dissecting Colorectal Cancer transcript.

If you listened to Detroit radio during the 70's and 80's, you would have heard George Baier do a characterization of Dick the Bruiser on the WRIF-FM and WLLZ-FM morning shows. Now you can hear George Baier share his prostate cancer journey and how he continues to live life to the fullest.

Read/download Have a Positive Attitude (with George Baier) transcript.

Health equity is something that has been an issue throughout health care, especially for cancer. Radiation oncologist and 2020-21 American Society of Clinical Oncology President, Dr. Lori Piece talks about the steps being taken to address this issue.

Read/download Health Equity and Cancer Care transcript.

The Rogel Cancer Center's Associate Chief Clinical Officer of Cancer Services, David Smith, M.D., shares how clinical care delivery for cancer patients at Michigan Medicine had to pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read/download The Changing of Cancer Care Delivery transcript.

Dr. Emily Walling, co-medical director and Dr. Anao Zhang, research director for clinical services and patient outcomes of the Michigan Medicine Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program discuss this importance and need for this program.

Read/download the Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology transcript.

When it comes to breast and ovarian cancer risk, there is talk about BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations. In this episode we talk with genetic counselor, Kara Milliron, about BRCA and how it effects not only breast and ovarian cancer but other inherited cancers.

Read/download the Understanding BRCA Gene Mutation transcript.

Michigan Medicine pathologist, Dr. Aaron Udager talks about pathology’s role in cancer diagnosis.

Read/download the Cancer Pathology transcript.

Advanced and metastatic cancer are portrayed as an immediate death sentence, but are they? Radiation oncologist, Daniel Wahl talks about what these terms mean and potential outcomes if diagnosed at a later stage.

Read/download the Understanding Advanced Cancer transcript.

Dr. Sarah Hawley, co-director of the Rogel Cancer Center’s Center for Health Communications Research and research investigator at the Ann Arbor Veteran’s Affairs hospital discusses intervention and decision making tools for cancer patients. She shares how these online and telephone tools can be used not only for cancer prevention but in ways that can help during your treatment.

Read/download the Cancer Intervention and Decision-Making Tools transcript.

Bob Huffman has been a music therapist at Michigan Medicine for over 15 years. He explains what music therapy is and how it benefits not only patients, but caregivers and staff. Music Therapy is a free program and is part of the Patient and Family Support Services Program.

Read/download the Music for the Soul transcript.

Often media, family and friends talk about battling cancer. We hear it more often when someone has passed away in the terms of "losing their battle with cancer." Dr. Michelle Riba, director of the PsychOncology program at the Rogel Cancer Center and associate director of the University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center, shares why we should not use militaristic language in talking about cancer.

Read/download the Words have Meaning transcript.

Pharmacist Shawna Kraft discusses medical marijuana for cancer patients. She helps us understand what it is, how to use it and how best to request it. For more information on medical marijuana watch this panel discussion video.

Read/download the Medical Marijuana for Cancer Patients transcript.

Michigan Medicine plastic surgeon, Adeyiza Momoh, M.D., discusses breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients.

Read/download the Breast Reconstruction transcript.

Dr. Daniela Wittmann, associate professor of urology and one of the leading members of the Brandon Prostate Cancer Survivorship Program talks about what prostate cancer surgical patients can expect at the Rogel Cancer Center. Topics include the importance of physical and sexual rehabilitation and emotional support.

Read/download the Prostate Cancer Survivorship transcript.

Michigan Medicine radiation oncologist, Robert Dess, M.D., talks about radiation therapy options for prostate cancer patients. Areas of focus include external beam and internal (brachytherapy) radiation.

Read/download the Radiation Therapy: Prostate Cancer transcript.

Gynecologic oncologist Jean Hansen, D.O. and family medicine physician scientist Diane Harper, M.D., MPH, M.S., sits down with Michigan Medicine social media strategist, Ed Bottomley to discuss cervical cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. This was taken from Cervical Cancer: What to Know, originally presented as a Facebook live event.

Read/download the Cervical Cancer: What to Know transcript.

Surgical oncologist Karin Hardiman, M.D. and gastroenterologist Keith Naylor, M.D., discuss prevention, screening and treatment options for colon and rectal cancers. This was originally presented as a Facebook Live: Colorectal Cancer Q & A.

Read/download the Colorectal Cancer Answers transcript.

Michigan Medicine radiation oncologist, Shruti Jolly gives the lowdown on radiation therapy. Topics include safety, types of treatments, equipment and the team of people behind a radiation treatment plan.

Read/download the 411 on Radiation Therapy transcript.

Clinical social worker, Claire Casselman of the Rogel Cancer Center's Complementary Therapies Program shares what guided imagery is, how it is beneficial to not only cancer patients, but to anyone. You can listen/download to guided imagery meditations by visiting our Guided Imagery podcast page.

Read/download the Benefits of Guided Imagery transcript.

Obstetric gynecologist Molly Moravek and Rogel Cancer Center fertility preservation coordinator, Erin Ellman talk about the importance of fertility preservation for those of child bearing age who have cancer.

Read/download the Fertility and Cancer Treatment transcript.

University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center dietitian Danielle Karsies shares nutrition tips for cancer prevention as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy diet during and after cancer treatment.

Read/download the Cancer and Nutrition Prevention transcript.

Michigan Medicine Surgical oncologist, Lesly Dossett shares with us the importance of transition of care between oncology specialist and primary care physician.

Read/download the Transition of Care transcript.

Cancer rehabilitation is a key part to recovery and survivorship for many cancer patients. Dr. Sean Smith, director of cancer rehabilitation talks about the importance after treatment to not only help with maintaining strength but also as a form of pain management.

Read/download the Cancer Rehabilitation transcript.

We sat down with Michigan Medicine patient financial counselor Yoshi Casares to talk about services and ways to help those with financial needs in paying for cancer care.

Read/download The Cost of Cancer transcript.

Ovarian cancer patient Trisha Goodridge talks about not only her cancer journey, but her recent journey on Route 66. With some planning and talking with her ovarian cancer team, she embarked on a three week journey across the United States in a classic car with a group of friends to take a road trip of a lifetime and share important information from the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance with people across the country to know the warning signs of ovarian cancer.

Read/download the Trisha Goodridge transcript.

Oncologist and Director of the University of Michigan Cancer Genetics Clinic, Elena Stoffel, M.D., shares the ins and outs of when, who and if you should have genetic testing.

Read/download the Understanding Cancer Genetics transcript.

There's more to cancer treatment than just surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. There's services to help the healing and mental exhaustion that comes with actual course of treatment. Donna Murphy, LMSW, director of the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center's Patient and Family Support Services, talks about the importance of these psychosocial services for patients, their families and caregivers.

Read/download the Patient and Family Support Services transcript.

Cancer survivor Betsy de Parry shares her story of diagnosis, and advice for newly diagnosed cancer patients - including not what to ask at your diagnosis.

Read/download the Betsy de Perry transcript.

Dr. Anne Schott, University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center's Associate Director of Clinical Research helps us understand clinical trials, the different types and how they move from the lab into treatment protocols.

Read/download the Clinical Trials transcript.

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