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Date: 04/07/2024
Arul Chinnaiyan, M.D., Ph.D., was one of several Rogel researchers to present at the American Association for Cancer Research 2024 Annual Meeting.
Date: 03/25/2024
Rogel Cancer Center faculty and trainees will lead nearly 70 presentations, posters and moderated sessions at the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting.
Date: 03/13/2024
Calista Harbaugh, MS, MD., colon and rectal surgeon and health services researcher, is leading the charge to help reduce as many positive margin instances among Michigan colorectal cancer patients as possible. In 2023, Harbaugh’s “Leveraging the Michigan Surgical Quality Collaborative (MSQC) to Improve Statewide Colorectal Cancer” project was awarded a $50,000 Investigator Initiated Research grant from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) Foundation.
Date: 02/28/2024
Researchers at the University of Michigan Health Rogel Cancer Center are exploiting a unique biological feature of glioblastoma to gain a better understanding of how this puzzling brain cancer develops and how to target new treatments against it. The team developed human and mouse models of glioblastoma oncostreams and examined multiple factors in the tumor microenvironment that could impact how oncostreams develop and how to reverse them.
Date: 02/06/2024
Programs and services aimed at helping people reduce their risk of cancer don’t always meet the needs of people from diverse communities and cultures.
Date: 01/23/2024
Equity in cancer care has long been an important theme for Lori Pierce, M.D. She made it a focus as president of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in 2021. So when the editors of The Cancer Journal selected health equity in cancer care as the topic for a recent special issue, Pierce, professor of radiation oncology at Michigan Medicine, was the ideal choice for guest editor.
Date: 01/15/2024
Lori J. Pierce, M.D., was one of 30 cancer scientists elected to the American Association for Cancer Research class of Fellows of the AACR Academy. Pierce was elected for illuminating contributions to establishing radiotherapy in the multimodality treatment of breast cancer, including intensity-modulated radiotherapy for node-positive breast cancer and incorporation of radiosensitizing agents, which have collectively resulted in improved treatment outcomes for breast cancer patients, most notably those harboring BRCA1/2 gene mutations.
Date: 01/12/2024
Researchers at the University of Michigan Health Rogel Cancer Center have identified a mechanism that causes severe gastrointestinal problems with immune-based cancer treatment. They also found a way to deliver immunotherapy’s cancer-killing impact without the unwelcome side effect.
Date: 01/09/2024
Recently, Michigan Medicine became the first health care system in the Midwest to bring Recharge Rooms to its employees. These innovative, immersive mental health interventions were designed to support the well-being and resilience of the hospital’s health care workers.
Date: 12/31/2023
Within the last few years, nuclear medicine has added to cutting edge treatment options for cancer. One of the latest advancements is the use of a treatment called Pluvicto to treat metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.