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Patient Stories

Image of Betsy de Parry
Betsy de Parry
Photo by Edda Pacifico

Enjoy these stories of hope, compassion, love and strength


Cured in the nick of time

"I will never forget the day I walked into that Cancer Center, sat in the waiting room wondering what we were doing there and walked out as a very scared cancer patient," Betsy de Parry says. "Today I walk into the Cancer Center and it's a place of healing and comfort. I know that if I ever got cancer again, everyone there would treat my future as if it were their own."

When de Parry was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, treatment options were not what they are today. Starting with a clinical trial, her cancer simply did not respond to the chemotherapy she received.

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After cancer diagnosis, U-M doctor gains new understanding for patients


Robert Wood and his fiancee Becky

U-M doctor plays cupid to help patient wed

Thanks to an eloquent letter from a U-M doctor, Ivan Maillard, M.D., an engagement ring was within reach of his patient Robert Wood, who is now planning an October wedding with his fiancée Becky.

Dr. Maillard, a hematology oncologist at the U-M Rogel Cancer Center, treats Robert for relapsed refractory Hodgkin lymphoma. At one appointment, Dr. Maillard learned that his young patient’s chance encounter with an old friend had sparked romance, leading to love, a marriage proposal and plans for a future together.

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Samuel Silver, M.D., Ph.D., a professor of internal medicine and an oncologist at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, talks about his bout with lymphoma and how it changed his understanding for patients with new cancer diagnoses.

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