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Winter, 2013

Many of the traditional symptoms of depression overlap with the symptoms of cancer, such as fatigue, weight changes, sleep problems, lack of concentration, lack of energy and guilt. Each patient must be evaluated properly, in the context of the cancer itself, as part of fully integrated care that links physical treatment and the psychological needs of the individual.

Patients are invited to attend a workshop called Digital Storytelling: Everyday Stories by Cancer Patients and Survivors, the latest addition to the complementary therapies program offered by Legacy Therapist Sibel Ozer. In addition to creating opportunities for expression, emotional or otherwise, the legacy program leaves each patient with a finished product that gives meaning to their experiences

Michigan Medicine's secure patient portal -- -- makes it easy to access patient information such as test results, upcoming appointments and review past appointments. You can also request prescription refills, referrals and can send secure messages to your doctor (s).

Keep your heart healthy during and after cancer

Learning to navigate your cancer care can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a medical background or prior experiences as a patient. The Rogel Cancer Center is built on a foundation of comprehensive, integrated and interdisciplinary care. What does this mean and, more importantly, who are these caregivers? Here's a look at some of the many members of the team engaged in your care.

Pick foods based on the best evidence

Flu season is upon us with expected peaks in January and February. Because people with cancer already have weakened immune systems, we get a lot of questions about whether patients and their families should get vaccinated.