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Melanoma and motherhood

No one is ever prepared to learn they have cancer, but for Leah Koskinen the news couldn't have come at a worse time. She was living with her husband and young son in Canada -- and there was a good chance she might be pregnant.

Melanoma referral centers worldwide adopt systemic therapies

The surgeons at 21 melanoma referral centers collaborated to see whether these revelations had created changes in treatment plans for high-risk melanoma. It can often take significant time — as long as a decade — for providers to adopt or deescalate cancer treatments, even if the available evidence supports a shift in the landscape.

Researchers Find Cellular Evidence Behind Lasting Immune Response in Some Cancer Survivors

Immunotherapy researchers have discovered how a subset of T cells known as memory T cells are generated in melanoma survivors with vitiligo and able to function for years after a tumor is gone.

Immunotherapy cancer drugs may impact vision

Although it is rare, knowledge of this risk is important both for the ophthalmologists who treat it and for the oncologists prescribing the anti-cancer treatment, say Michigan Medicine researchers. The cases of three recent patients, published in JAMA Ophthalmology, highlight the issue. Patients receiving immune checkpoint inhibitors developed uveal effusions and eye inflammation that affected their vision.