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Colon / Colorectal Cancer

What Cancer Patients Should Know About Preserving Fertility

Ask Molly Moravek, M.D., why she pursued a career in fertility preservation for cancer patients, and she’ll tell you that it’s because her heart breaks every time she sees a patient who has had her fertility taken from her. It's why she built a program in partnership with Michigan Medicine’s Center for Reproductive Medicine and Rogel Cancer Center that works with patients facing treatment and their oncologists to preserve the patients’ opportunity to have children once they are healthy.

1 in 7 colorectal cancer patients diagnosed before recommended screening age

Nearly 15 percent of patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer were younger than 50, the age at which screening recommendations begin.

Less financial burden for cancer patients with paid sick leave, study finds

Researchers found that only 55 percent of colorectal cancer patients who were employed at the time of diagnosis retained their jobs after treatment. Patients who had paid sick leave were nearly twice as likely to retain their jobs as those without paid sick leave.

Hereditary Colon Cancer Syndromes

Elena Stoffel, M.D., director of cancer genetics at the U-M Rogel Cancer Center answers questions about colon cancer and genetic risk.