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Breast Care Center

The Rogel Cancer Center provides team-based treatment and support to all breast cancer patients. Contact us at Contact us at 734-647-8902

Dr Melissa Pilewskie chatting with a patient during visit to the clinic
Dr. Melissa Pilewski chats with a patient about her care during a visit.
Photo credit: Erica Bass

Our clinics provide people with breast concerns, including cancer, with expert care, support and guidance. During the initial visit, patients may talk with surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons, social workers and nurses.

A multidisciplinary tumor board meets once a week to discuss treatment options for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. A tumor board is a group of specialists in treating breast cancer. These men and women sit together to review each patient’s mammograms, ultrasounds, and pathology slides, and talk through the best treatment options, including clinical trials, for each individual. Patients get the benefit of opinions from everyone in the room.

For those women who need treatment for breast cancer, we offer the most comprehensive, effective and least invasive treatment methods. Our philosophy is breast preservation, through lumpectomy and radiation therapy, when possible. We also offer immediate reconstruction using the patient's own tissues.

We're also sensitive to the anxiety women with breast cancer experience, so counseling and emotional support are integral parts of the Breast Care Center. Please take time to visit the Patient Support Services area of this website. We outline the services available to our patients at every point in their care.


Patients: Please call 734-647-8902 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST). Healthcare professionals: Please contact our M-LINE service at 800-962-3555.

For more information about the appointment process, including insurance and other questions, please visit our Appointment Request page.

Scheduling Appointments Online

If you have signed up for an account on the MyUofMHealth patient portal, you can manage and request appointments with your U-M physician online. Under the “Appointments” tab on, you can view upcoming or past appointments, cancel appointments up to 24 hours before your scheduled time, and request a new appointment.

Visit MyUofMHealth to register for or log into the patient portal.


Breast cancer patients are seen at the Rogel Cancer Center building itself, as well as several of our other locations, such as East Ann Arbor Health Center and Brighton Center of Specialty Care. Once you're scheduled, you'll know your appointment location and how to get there.