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Remote Second Opinion

The University of Michigan's Remote Second Opinion is available to those with adrenal cancer or are suspected to have adrenal cancer. With our Remote Second Opinion, you can obtain a medical consultation regarding your diagnosis and treatment plan by allowing our physicians to review your medical records and remotely interact with you and your local doctor. So, even if you can’t travel to the University of Michigan for an appointment, you can still get an opinion from our medical specialists.

Requesting a Remote Second Opinion

Due to specific state laws and medical practice regulations in the following states, we are unable to provide a Remote Second Opinion for residents in the states of California, Wyoming, North Dakota, Iowa, Louisiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, New York, and Maine. Residents in these states who wish to seek a medical opinion from the University of Michigan are encouraged to call 800-865-1125.

If you would like additional information about the Remote Second Opinion Program, please call 734-647-8902 or visit the Remote Second Opinion webpage.