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Skin Cancer

There is hope, innovation and support available for those with all forms of skin cancer here at the U-M Rogel Cancer Center

With more than 10,000 patient visits a year, skin cancer patients at the University of Michigan are seen in one of the premier Skin Cancer Program's regionally and nationally. The Program offers treatment for:

Patient Care and Treatment

Specially trained skin cancer teams made up of surgeons, dermatologists, oncologists, plastic surgeons, radiation oncologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers and dietitians work together to provide exceptional care and innovative treatment options for each patient.

Depending on the type of skin cancer that is diagnosed - primarily through a confirmed biopsy - treatment options could include Mohs Surgery, or one of the latest treatment options for rare skin cancers. Our specialized team is also involved in research to understand the molecular basis of skin cancer to drive the future of treatment and prevention options.

Patients also have access to support systems for themselves and their caregivers through the Rogel Cancer Center's Patient Support Services.

Make an appointment or have your questions answered

The Skin Cancer Patient Care Center is just a phone call away to answer your questions or to assist you in making an appointment.

  • For individuals with a biopsy confirmed BASAL CELL CARCINOMA or SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMA, call 734-936-4068
  • For individuals with a biopsy confirmed diagnosis of MELANOMA, MERKEL CELL CARCINOMA or OTHER SKIN CANCER, please call 734-936-6360.
  • If you would like to refer a patient, please contact M-LINE at 800-962-3555

Jim came all the way to the University of Michigan from South Carolina for treatment of melanoma.

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