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Penile Cancer

Michigan Medicine doctor Diane Harper talks about human papillomavirus or HPV. Dr. Harper is a family medicine physician scientist and the physician director of the Rogel Cancer Center’s community outreach program. She is internationally recognized as a clinical research expert in HPV associated diseases, their prevention, early detection and treatment for the prevention of cancer.

Penile cancer is a type of skin cancer that is extremely rare. It most often occurs in men who are uncircumcised and is detected through visible changes to the skin of the penis, including reddening, thickening, scaling or ulceration of the skin. Known causes of penile cancer include smoking, chronic penile inflammation, poor personal hygiene and the human papilloma virus, or HPV.

At the University of Michigan multidisciplinary urologic oncology clinic, this complex cancer is treated with a personalized approach that can involve:

  • Penile preservation
  • Complex reconstruction
  • Use of robotic surgical procedures to treat nearby lymph nodes
  • Sexual and reproductive counseling

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