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Mobile Mammography

Breast screening through mammography is key to detecting breast cancer, especially at an earlier stage.

Now serving Ypsilanti

For some, access to mammography is limited due to insurance, location or lack of health care facilities. Our Mobile Mammography unit helps address these issues, bringing University of Michigan Health expertise and services into more communities.

And while there isn’t a true cure for cancer, with early detection and treatment the long-term survival rate for early-stage breast cancer patients is very good.

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If you are over 40, discuss with your provider if screening is appropriate for you. Once you turn 50, a screening mammogram is recommended yearly.

Other factors to consider and discuss with your provider include a family history of breast cancer or any breast abnormality noticed during a self-exam.

Still have questions on risk and screening? Call Cancer AnswerLine™ at 800-865-1125.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of equipment is on the unit?

The breast imaging scanner on the mobile mammography unit is the state-of-the-art GE Pristina Mammography scanner. This is the same high-quality scanner that is located at nearly all our fixed breast imaging locations.

What exams can be performed on the unit?

We perform 3D screening mammograms on our mobile mammography unit as our standard of care. We can also perform 2D screening mammograms at the request of the ordering provider. We are unable to perform diagnostic mammography, ultrasounds, or biopsy procedures on the mobile mammography unit.

Do I need an order to receive a screening mammogram at Michigan Medicine?

No, you do not need an order to receive a screening mammogram at Michigan Medicine. However, you must have an active primary care provider that you have seen within the last 3 years. If you do not have a primary care provider, you will need to establish one prior to being scheduled and scanned on the mobile mammography unit.

Are there any special preparation instructions for a screening mammogram?

We ask that you omit the use of talcum powder, body lotion, perfume, and deodorant prior to your exam. Please plan to spend 30 minutes for your appointment. We are unable to supervise children under the age of 12 years old during your exam.

Does the bus have a bathroom?

Unfortunately, there is no bathroom located on the bus. We actively collaborate with the facilities with which we are located at to offer nearby bathroom options.

I need assistance with walking. Am I able to be scheduled and imaged on the mobile unit?

While we do have a wheelchair lift on the unit, we are reserving utilization of that lift for emergencies at this time. Given the space and layout of the mobile unit, we do require patients to be able to walk independently to be scheduled and imaged on the unit. This ensures we are providing an optimal imaging experience centered on comfort, convenience, and satisfaction.

Are there stairs to get into the unit?

Yes, there are 5 stairs that one must walk up to get into the unit. For safety reasons, patients must be able to walk up these stairs independently to be scheduled and imaged on this mobile unit.

Do I need to have a PCP to get a screening mammogram?

All patients undergoing a screening mammogram must have an active PCP or referring provider that they have seen within the last three years. This is imperative because all results from the screening mammogram will be sent directly to your provider. Your provider will then follow up on next steps based on the results of your screening mammogram.

What if I have new breast concerns prior to my screening mammogram appointment?

If you have a breast concern prior to your screening mammogram appointment, please contact your physician. Screening mammograms are only for women experiencing no symptoms. If you are experiencing breast concerns such as a lump, thickening/nodularity, nipple discharge/retraction, breast skin changes, or infection/inflammation a diagnostic mammogram appointment will likely be scheduled.

Our goal is to provide the best possible care, ensuring you are scheduled for the appropriate appointment.

What happens if I need follow-up care after my exam?

All results from the screening mammogram will be sent to your primary care provider. If it has been determined that you need additional imaging based on the findings in your original appointment, our breast imaging department will contact you to schedule this appointment.


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