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Winter, 2009

The recreation program is no longer available at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center.
The University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center launched a new initiative to speed promising therapies from the laboratory to the clinic -- where all patients may eventually benefit. In the meantime, however, part of the core mission of the newly established Ravitz Foundation Phase I/Translational Research Center is to offer new opportunities to patients who have no other options
For as long as there is sickness, there will be snake-oil salesmen. It's sad to think anyone would take advantage of people who are facing cancer, but it happens. That's why the federal trade commission has established a new web site to help people spot cancer-related scams.

The evolving field of pain research has focused much of its early work on cancer, giving doctors more options to ease the impact pain has on quality of life. We talked with Carmen Green, M.D. about her findings and her tips for managing pain.

Researchers are just beginning to study the effects of blogging on cancer patients' wellbeing, but we know that writing about emotional experiences has its benefits. Early research has shown that some types of immune system function improve after writing.

Sometimes cancer treatment makes it necessary for patients to have a feeding tube. It insures good nutrition and prevents weight loss. John Barton did very well with his feeding tube -- so well that his wife was worried when it was time to go back to "normal" eating.