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Summer, 2015

Vaccines work by providing the body an example of what it should fight. Many vaccines already exist for viruses, bacteria, disease and other foreign substances. If the body becomes infected, the vaccine makes it "remember" to kill the substance. This technique, a very exciting area of research, is being explored for cancer.
Perhaps you have been thinking about trying a detox or cleansing diet. Is there any evidence these diets are beneficial? That depends. If weight loss is your goal, a detox diet is not the answer. Studies report that very-low calorie diets work for only 20 percent of participants. Detox diets can also stimulate appetite, reduce metabolism and energy levels, and potentially increase stress hormones -- all of which hinder weight loss.
Physicians at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center decided to test a new technology to help patients review their appointments and share that information with others.
Every person has a master body clock that can get out of sync with the external world. Add a cancer diagnosis to the mix and while sleep becomes even more essential to good health, it can also be harder to come by based on your personal situation.
The Cancer AnswerLine was established in 1995 as a community resource to provide personalized information and support to those affected by a cancer diagnosis. Whether the caller is a patient, family member or loved one, each speaks to a certified oncology nurse who will provide a personalized response.
Communication with the patient and family is at the heart of the relationship between the patient, her family or friends, and the doctor. Nothing supplants the bond that forms when the patient knows her doctor is watching out for her health and for her life. As a doctor, you must convey that commitment with words and actions forever.
The weaving program has been in the Rogel Cancer Center for over 12 years, offering demonstrations and short lessons on the loom. The cloth is used to create hats, pockets and tear cloths for patients and family members.
Heidi Woodward Sheffield looks back on the past two-and-a-half years of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and reconstruction with relief. She is cancer-free and feels fortunate to have had a sense of rebirth throughout the process. In retrospect, she shares her best bets on coping, accepting help and support systems.