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Spring, 2018

Cancer treatment can impact fertility in women and men. However, many young cancer patients are not yet thinking about starting a family or are focused on treatment and getting well. As the rate of younger patients who survive cancer increases, studies show they often regret not having more information on steps to preserve their fertility. We sat down with two key members of Michigan Medicine’s Fertility Preservation Program: Molly Moravek, M.D., MPH, the medical director; and Erin Ellman, LMSW, fertility preservation coordinator.
Cancer can be an uncertain time for families, but one thing that’s clear is communication with children is essential when a parent or loved one is ill. Families Facing Cancer is a program that provides parents with information on how to talk to children of all ages about a cancer diagnosis.
Four years after being diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, Rose Mary Worthen faces every day with hope. Her passion for art led her to create inspirational charms -- or stones -- that she shares with others. Sharing hope, sharing joy, sharing laughter keeps her going.
Medical cannabis (marijuana) became legal in the state of Michigan in 2008. Rogel Cancer Center pharmacist Shawna Kraft explains side effects of cancer and cancer treatment can be helped by cannabis; and what it can't help with.
The Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy Group for Persons Living With Advanced Cancer provides support and encourages participants to take a deeper look at finding meaning in life regardless of one’s situation.
William McCallum is living with stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer. This diagnosis is not easy to live with. Most days McCallum feels well enough that he doesn't think much about having cancer. After deciding to put his faith in his doctors, he aims not to worry. Acting in films for Rebel Pictures -- with his son, Michael -- has been both a welcome distraction and a creative outlet.
Every time you turn on the news, browse the web or reach for a magazine, there is a new study about what foods are good (or bad) for your health. Many are focused on foods that prevent cancer, cause cancer or fuel cancer. It is easy to become confused. Striving for the perfect anti-cancer diet can be stressful. We say SIMPLIFY. Fueling your body during cancer treatment is crucial, but not complex. And, no single food is going to dramatically change your path to wellness