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Spring, 2011

Researchers have long noted that populations living along the Mediterranean Sea have lower risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke. The lower risk may be linked to the regional diet -- one high in vegetables, whole grains, fruits, fish and olive oil.
A day after his 28th birthday, Brabbs was diagnosed with multiple myeloma -- an illness whose median age at diagnosis is 68. Brabbs is determined to find a cure for his disease, so he started the Cancer Kicker Foundation to support multiple myeloma research at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center.

It's important to use trusted resources when it comes to your health or that of a loved one, but verifying a cancer website's credentials is a multistep -- and often time-consuming -- process. Our medical librarian selects best online cancer resources so you don't have to

You may feel like you are fighting a losing battle with fatigue. The fatigue itself can hinder eating enough calories and protein to maintain energy by limiting your ability and desire to prepare healthy meals and snacks. We have tips to help.

Influenced by too many movies, patients sometimes think a chaplain's only role is to pray for patients near death. But in reality, spiritual care providers like Charlton work with patients with many different types of illnesses-life-threatening or not-to help them work through religious or spiritual issues that are oftentimes a part of illness.

Vitamin D is the media darling of the supplement world: Studies have linked it to lowering the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer.