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Annual Funds

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Yearly gifts to our Annual Funds, such as Fund for Discovery, Director's Leadership Fund, the Patient and Family Support Services Fund and the Cancer Center Funds, support various programs at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center

Fund for Discovery

As a top ranked hospital system in the country, Michigan Medicine and the Rogel Cancer Center are leading efforts to generate new cancer research discoveries and to advance the findings to improve cancer prevention and treatment, in pursuit of the goal of improving the lives of patients and families impacted by cancer in Michigan, across the nation, and around the world. The Fund for Discovery was created in 1991 to support research at its earliest stages, paving the way for investigators to pursue innovative and high impact research. With an emphasis on team science and collaboration across disciplines, the focus is on research projects that address the complexities of cancer from different perspectives and disciplines in order to expedite progress.

Each potential research project undergoes extensive and rigorous scientific review by expert reviewers and the Rogel Cancer Center Senior Leadership Committee. The leveraging effect of support through the Fund for Discovery cannot be overstated, as many projects go on to garner strong external funding and yield findings that advance our efforts to improve outcomes and quality of life for cancer patients and survivors. Our investigators are among the most successful in the country in competing for national grants to fund their work, and to date, every dollar of seed money distributed by the Fund for Discovery has generated roughly 8 to 10 dollars in subsequent federal funding.

By giving to the Fund for Discovery, you can continue to advance research that has the greatest potential to more effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer -- providing hope for patients who receive their care at U-M and countless others who benefit from the major discoveries made in our laboratories. Make a gift to the fund today.

Patient and Family Support Services (PFSS)

The Patient and Family Support Services Program is there to relieve many of the burdens cancer places on patients and their families. When it comes to providing support to patients, we take the same multidisciplinary approach that we take in treating their cancer. That means that a patient's support team includes not only the finest doctors and nurses, but cancer specialists in psychology, social work, art therapy, nutrition, finance and countless other areas. Every component of support is fully integrated into the patient's treatment plan, recognizing that cancer afflicts the whole person and the whole family.

To learn more about the program, visit the Support Services section of our web site.

Or, Make a gift in support of this program!

Rogel Cancer Center Fund

Gifts to the Rogel Cancer Center Fund help us respond to needs that may not be met by any other source. From upgrading or replacing a critical piece of equipment to providing special assistance to an individual patient or family, this fund is a flexible mechanism to continuously respond to the needs of our patients, our clinicians and our scientists. Consider making a gift to the Rogel Cancer Center Fund today.

Director's Leadership Fund

When a new research discovery is made, we must act on it immediately. The Director's Leadership Fund provides unrestricted dollars to respond to the rapidly-changing cancer landscape. From the purchase of new equipment to the establishment of new laboratories to keeping doctors, nurses and researchers abreast of the latest cancer information, the Director's Leadership Fund responds quickly to keep the Cancer Center moving forward.

Make a gift to support the Director's Discovery Fund!

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