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Bladder Cancer

Researchers use artificial intelligence to learn the effectiveness of bladder cancer treatment

By using an artificial intelligence-based system, researchers improved doctors' assessment of whether patients with bladder cancer had a complete response to chemotherapy before undergoing a radical cystectomy (bladder cancer removal surgery).

Bladder Cancer Survivor Jeff Owens

After learning he had bladder cancer, Jeff Owens became the patient of Todd Morgan, M.D. Dr. Morgan, and the rest of the care team, helped Jeff make treatment decisions that were right for him and his family. As part of his recovery, Jeff took up baking. During the pandemic, Jeff's hobby helped him cope with quarantine by baking bread for his friends and neighbor -- earning him the name "breadmeiser."

Bladder Cancer Survivor Mentors Others with Bladder Cancer

Kevin Harrington loves his job delivering packages for United Parcel Service Inc. The 52-year-old husband and father of two from Howell, Michigan, is also a safety co-chair, training other drivers on the UPS mantra to stay safe “one stop at a time.” He applies the same philosophy to another important role: mentoring newly diagnosed bladder cancer patients at the University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center.