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Ready to Quit

Thinking of yourself as a tobacco-free person is one of the most important aspects of quitting. If you think of yourself as a tobacco-free person you will succeed.

Making the decision to quit is hard, but it has to be your decision. No matter how many times your doctor, friends, or family try to convince you to quit, you have to want to quit. Once you have made the decision to quit and begin to think of yourself as a tobacco-free person, you are well on your way to your big quit day.


Smoker Types

Stimulators smoke to:

  • keep from slowing down
  • perk themselves up
  • give themselves a lift

Handlers enjoy:

  • holding a cigarette
  • the act of lighting up
  • watching the smoke as they exhale

Relaxers smoke to feel pleasure and comfort.

Stress Reducers

Stress reducers smoke when they are angry, upset or worried.

Nicotine Cravers

  • find it unbearable to be without cigarettes
  • are often unaware they are smoking
  • have a gnawing hunger when they do not smoke

Habit Smokers

  • are often unaware that they are smoking
  • light up when they still have one burning in the ashtray
  • sometimes don't remember lighting up

People use tobacco for a variety of reasons. Some say they find smoking to be relaxing; others enjoy the taste. Yet others say they use tobacco because it gives them energy, or they need it to take the edge off when they are upset.

The main reason most people smoke is that they are addicted to nicotine. Nicotine is more addictive than heroin, cocaine, or opium. If you are using smokeless tobacco, please go to the Smokeless Tobacco section.

People have all sorts of reasons for why they started smoking and why they still smoke. The addictive nature of nicotine plays an important role for many. Just as there are many reasons for smoking, there are also many smoker types.

Creating a Change Plan

When you make the decision to quit, you are making an entire lifestyle change. You now have to think like a tobacco non-user. If you have been using tobacco for quite a few years, this may be difficult at first.

Do not worry, you can do it.

First, think of some reasons to quit. Below are suggestions to get you started. Write down the ones that apply to you and add your own reasons. Be sure to keep the list handy so that when you feel the urge, you can remember why you want to quit.

  • Decrease risk of cancer
  • breathe easier
  • have more energy
  • improve circulation
  • have cleaner teeth and clothes
  • feel better
  • save money

Cost of Buying Cigarettes for One Year

The following chart reflects average national price in 2011

# cigarettes smoked per day# packs smoked per day# cigarettes smoked per year# packs smoked per yearCost of cigarettes per year (assuming $9.00/pack)

Did you list saving money as a reason to quit? If you did, or even if you did not, here is a good example to show you just how much money you can save by giving up cigarettes. Often people use the idea that they can save money by quitting to motivate them to actually do it. Above is a handy table to help you determine how much money you spend on smoking. Smokeless tobacco users, go to the Smokeless Tobacco section.

Other costs

There may be other hidden costs associated with tobacco use, note all that apply to you:

  • Lighters and ashtrays
  • Lost work due to smoking-related illness
  • Additional dental/medical care and prescriptions
  • Higher health insurance premiums (approximately 5% more than non-smokers pay)
  • Extra trips to the store to buy cigarettes
  • Burned clothing, furniture, and carpets
  • Extra cleaning of house, drapes, and car to remove odors
  • Extra dry cleaning of clothing to remove odors

Other reasons to Quit

Using tobacco is harmful to your health.

  • Smoking kills more than 400,000 people each year.
  • Smokers and persons using smokeless tobacco die earlier than non-smokers.
  • Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 dangerous chemicals.
  • Smoking yellows your teeth and fingers and causes bad breath.

Smoking causes diseases like:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Emphysema

Smoking is harmful to the health of your loved ones.

Quitting can:

  • decrease your risk of cancer;
  • save you money;
  • improve your circulation;
  • increase your energy level;
  • help you breathe easier;
  • improve your overall appearance.

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