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Supportive Care Center

Our goal is to help patients maintain independence and increase comfort by managing the symptoms of cancer and side effects of its treatment. If you're a patient at the Rogel Cancer Center, contact us at 877-907-0859

The program is designed to assist patients at any stage in their cancer treatment.

Who is eligible?

Services are available to any U-M Rogel Cancer Center patient who is:

    Experiencing treatment- or cancer-related side effects or

    Dealing with transition of care due to advancing cancer.

About the program

The Supportive Care Center (previously called the Symptom Management & Supportive Care Program) works in concert with your oncology team to develop a plan of action to address your concerns. Depending on the nature of your situation, you may require an appointment in our clinic, which offers one-stop multidisciplinary care. Our team combines expertise in the following areas:


To make an appointment, please talk to your health-care team or call 877-907-0859 or 232-6366.

Care team


Rogel Cancer Center; Level 1, Reception B (6-303). Please part in the P1 parking structure, next to the Rogel Cancer Center building. Visit the Maps and Directions page for more information.